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I'm Bhuvana

I’m an incoming first year medical student, athlete, and aspiring content creator. Having recently completed the medical school admissions process, I know how scary and stressful this cycle can be. This is why I started my website to help future and fellow students understand the process, find useful tools and resources, and share in the joys and tribulations of pursuing a career in medicine. 

My goal is to help future students get into medical school with less stress and more confidence. I am so excited to be embarking on this journey and hope to see  and connect with you on your paths.



Premed Prep

Read about how to find clinical experiences, preparing for interviews, and all things premed and med school admissions.


Medical School

Learn more about what life in medical school is really like and the tools and resources helping me get through it.



Sharing my study strategies, time blocking tips, and productivity tools that allow me to balance med school and life.


I am working on creating a central database of resources that myself and others have found helpful during our journeys. From organizing experiences to preparing for interviews, I hope you find these resources help you along your path to medical school.

In addition to vetted third party resources, I am working on creating guides for the various parts of the premed and medical school application process. If you are interested in any of this information please check out the resources page. 

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